Personal Insurance Coverage

Protect yourself and your family.

Home Insurance



Your house, personal property and separate structures (such as a detached garage) are covered for many of the everyday risks you face as a homeowner. Basic homeowner’s insurance is often a requirement of mortgage lenders, and an essential part of protecting the most important investment most people will ever make, as well as the possessions within it. We also offer extended coverage for personal property, detached structures, medical payments and liability, as well as additional living expenses if your home is deemed unlivable for any reason. 



Condos are a unique type of property, and require a special type of coverage to ensure your protection. Your condo insurance policy covers your personal property and liability, as well as any additions, alterations or improvements you make to your unit that are your responsibility based on the condo association agreement. It also provides coverage for your household contents and personal belongings, in case something happens to the condo or the complex as a whole.



Most rental companies require their renters to provide proof of insurance before signing a lease, and for good reason. Our standard policy covers the contents and personal possessions within your condo, as well as any liability incurred during the term of your lease. We also provide living expense allowances; in case your rental property is deemed uninhabitable for a variety of reasons outlined in the policy.



Surprising to some, flood damage is often not covered by standard homeowners insurance policies. This leaves a gap in your coverage, usually in a situation when homeowners need it most. That’s why we offer extended flood insurance for most of our standard homeowner’s insurance policies, as well as standalone insurance. This can include coverage for damage to the physical structure of your home, damage to personal property contained in the flooded area, as well as reimbursement for any repair or clean up services employed by the homeowner.

Vehicle Insurance



We offer a full line of insurance for any type of vehicle you may own, as well as discounts for multi vehicle families. Since we are an independent firm, and work with nearly all the major auto insurance carries, our only goal is to find you the most amount of coverage for the lowest dollar possible. Instead of negotiating on your own, let the team at Pfister Insurance find you the right coverage, at the right price, so you can make sure you and your family are safe on and off the road. 



From liability and medical coverage, to additional allowances for custom parts, we have a diverse set of insurance policies that we can tailor to your motorcycle and riding habits. Pfister Insurance insures a full spectrum of motorcycles from street cycles, Harley Davidsons, cruisers and touring bikes, to dirt bikes and ATVs. We’ll work with you to make sure that no matter what you ride, you have the right coverage at the right price to keep you safe and keep your bike on the road.


Other Recreational Vehicles

RV insurance can protect your motorhome, travel trailer, camper and even your horse trailer. Let Pfister Insurance help you select the right coverage for your RV needs and get a great price at the same time. You should also consider Vacation Liability coverage for when you stop driving and start using your recreational vehicle as a temporary residence. We also offer coverage for other vehicles, like boats, snowmobiles, ATVs and more. No matter how you have fun, we want to make sure you can do it safely.


Collectible Cars

Pfister offers special insurance products for collector vehicles used for limited pleasure driving, car shows, and club events. From standard coverage and liability, to custom parts and total value replacement, we can make sure your collectible car is covered from hood to tailpipe. We offer coverage for a huge variety of classic, stock and modified vehicles including:

  • Antique & Classic Vehicles
  • Newer vehicles: Limited Production and Special Interest
  • Modified Vehicles: Street Rods, Replicas, and Low Riders
  • Trucks and other utility vehicles
  • Retired/commercial vehicles: Fire Trucks and other commercial vehicles
  • Vehicles under restoration
  • Military Vehicles

Personal Umbrella Insurance

A personal umbrella policy protects you if a lawsuit is made against you because someone feels you are legally responsible for an injury due to an accident or other liability. If, for example, you are accused of being responsible for serious injury caused by a household pet, an auto accident, or someone slips and falls, you could be sued for far more than you can afford to pay, or than your primary insurance will cover. Although liability coverage exists under your primary auto, home or watercraft policy, the coverage afforded may not be enough to pay the damages awarded by a jury, which is where an umbrella policy can help bridge the gap between what you owe and what you’re covered for.

Life Insurance


Whole and Term Life Insurance

At Pfister Insurance, our goal is simple: to provide you with the highest degree of coverage for the best rate possible. Life insurance is an important part of that coverage plan, providing a foundation for your entire estate and protecting your family and your assets. In addition, some policies can act as investment vehicles, saving and accruing interest, and can be drawn upon in case you need funds for a major purchase or unforeseen life situation. We offer both term and whole life insurance policies, depending on your financial situation and needs at the time, and also offer convertible policies so you can enjoy the benefits of both products when the timing is right.

Safeguarding your Business

Life insurance is an important tool for business owners to help make sure that their heirs or next generation of owners can continue the business in their absence. Things like estate taxes and succession plans can be crippling to businesses that aren’t prepared for the future. In addition, we also offer key person life insurance, if an essential individual is unable to work and it negatively impacts your business’ profitability or productivity. Protect yourself and your business from all the things that life can throw your way.