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Insurance Term Glossary

Insurance Glossary ImageNot familiar with all the terms you see here? Take a look at our Insurance Glossary to find the definitions.

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Valuable Personal Property

The Pfister Insurance Agency offers Valuable Personal Property Insurance coverage.

And of course, you also get an agent who is personal, local, and knowledgeable. Our professionals can answer your questions about the policy and its coverages, including discounts you may qualify for and deductibles you may choose. Most importantly, we help you select coverages that fit your needs.

Valuable Personal Property Insurance

A valuable personal property coverage policy expands coverage to protect certain valuable items such as jewelry, fine arts, firearms, antiques, and musical instruments against all risk of physical loss anywhere in the world. For example, a basic homeowner's policy may not cover important losses such as a stone falling out of a ring.


  • If a covered loss occurs (for example, if a diamond ring is lost), no deductible applies in most circumstances, and the claim does not count towards a customer's homeowners loss insurance
  • Provides blanket coverage that is broader than a basic homeowner's policy
  • Replacement cost basis can be obtained