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1. As words are announced, mark off the words on your BINGO card with an "X" so that the word is still visible.

2. Once you complete one of the patterns, take a pic or scan your winning card & email it to You must act FAST…only ONE winner per pattern, once a pattern is gone it's gone.

3. We will play until all patterns have been filled.

4. You can win more than once with the same card, different patterns.

**Refer a friend and we write an auto policy you will receive ONE FREE play! ***Refer a friend and we write both an auto and home policy you will receive TWO FREE plays! Your free play can be used on any square. Mark "Free Play" on that space and email with the name of the client you referred and the word your marking as your "Free Play". In order to qualify, the name you send must match an active policy in our system.

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BINGO is now completed!

  • Thank you all for playing!
  • Hope to see you all next round!