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Make This Season Bonfire Bliss

1) Check with Local Authorities: Open fires often require a city permit.

2) Location: Bonfires must be constructed in an open area and at least 50ft from anything that could catch fire. Also be aware of any overhanging trees and above ground electrical &/or phone lines that are low enough to catch fire.

3) Use the Proper Materials: Use a fire pit or make a circle enclosure with cinder blocks to contain the fire to a specific area. Use sticks and branches to build the fire. NEVER use gasoline or lighter fluid to ignite the flames. DO NOT throw in plastic, glass, paper or aerosol cans as it will explode and cause the fire to get out of control.

4) Safety Necessities: Keep water, fire extinguishers, and a first aid kit close by.

Source: "the GREAT dane group quarterly"
DANE Contractors, Inc/Restorz, LLC
Fall 20ll/October 14, 2011