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No Excuses: Having Car Insurance Is Mandatory

November 2,2010 - World's Editorial Writers - A new law that took effect Monday allows authorities to tow the vehicles of any drivers who are stopped for traffic violations and who don't have insurance. Vehicles without proper insurance can be seized from those who have been banned from driving because of previous infractions but are on the road anyway. The law is long overdue. Oklahoma is a state with an obscenely high percentage of uninsured motorists. It's also a state with far too many drivers who continue to drive even after they've lost their licenses for such offenses as driving under the influence.

Oklahomans who keep their insurance current understandably are frustrated by those who do not. Almost everyone knows of someone being hit by an uninsured motorist and suffering the financial fall-out. Those who drive without insurance drive up the rates for everyone else. Auto liability insurance, at the minimum,is the law. There's no excuse for not having it. That said, the state better be sure its insurance verification system is up to snuff. Seizing property and then later admitting an error because the system wasn't current will work a hardship on motorists and create a public~relations nightmare.

The new law requires that city police officers, sheriffs' deputies or Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers verify compliance with the new law through an online program during all traffic stops. A driver cannot be stopped for the sole purpose of checking for insurance. The tow-law was a long time in the making and is in direct response to the driving public's anger. It won't take long to determine if the new law makes the difference that Oklahomans desired.